April 29th - 30th

Nashville, TN


May 6th - 7th

Winter Haven, FL

Laugh Out Lounge

May 8th

Bradenton, FL

3 Keys Brewery

May 13th

St. Petersburg, FL

If I Brewed the World

May 15th

Hattiesburg, MS

Colludium Brewery

May 19th

Greenville, OH

Sure Shot Tap House

May 25th

Linconton, NC

Bricktree Brewing Co.

May 26th

Myrtle Beach, SC

Tidal Creek Brew House

May 27th

Marietta, GA

Shezmu Cellars

May 28th

Greenville, SC

Thomas Creek Brewery

May 29th

North Garden, VA

Ablemarle Ciderworks

June 2nd

Hampton, VA

The Vanguard Brew Pub
and Distillery

June 4th

Charlotte, NC

Heist Brewery

June 9th - 11th

Huntsville, AL

Stand Up Live

June 15th

Gatlinburg, TN

Goodwater Winery

June 23rd

Birmingham, AL

Avondale Brewery

June 24th

Etowah, TN

Starr Mountain Distillery

July 9th

Gatlinburg, TN

Moonshiner Mash-In

July 14th - 16th

Chattanooga, TN

The Comedy Catch

July 23rd

Crossville, TN

Palace Theatre

July 30th

Columbia, TN

Mulehouse Theater

August 5th

Johnston, SC

Three Star Winery

August 6th

Toccoa, GA

Currahee Winery

August 7th

Manchester, TN

Common John Brewery

August 14th

Lynchburg, TN

Lynchburg Distillery

August 11th

Memphis, TN

Grind City Brewery

August 20th

Boca Raton, FL

Barrel of Monks Brewery

September 24th

Greeneville, TN

Hazzard Fest